People like to play pretend that the two situations are not comparable, that they are totally different, but they are wrong.

In both cases some of the protesters broke the law. In both cases some protesters endangered the safety of public officials. In both cases protesters were standing up to what they saw as government corruption and abuse. The difference being that Bundy was in clear violation of court orders, while in Ferguson they are protesting the murder of a teenager.

If anything the situation with Bundy was a greater violation of the law – using the threat of violence to coerce the government to concede to your demands is the actual definition of domestic terrorism. A few people taking advantage of a situation to loot seems like less of an issue than an organized group undermining the law.

So You Know.

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Just, ya know, so you understand. Then I’m quitting Facebook for the day.

The NSA’s spying began in direct response to 911. When a president makes an executive order, that new law exists on into foreverness unless repealed. Therefore, every president that comes into office has to live with that decision, and the media attention that comes with it.

Be mad about warrant-less spying on US citizens. Don’t blame Obama though. It makes you look like an idiot. They are clearly Bush policies and a republican congress has made repeal nearly impossible.

Also, just so you know, Obama tried to close Guantanamo Bay. The responsibility for the prison still being open lies with Congress, which has thwarted President Barack Obama’s plans to close the detention center, which the Bush administration opened on January 11, 2002 with 20 captives.

Take Sean Hannity as a prime example of why nobody takes the GOP seriously.

Politics are fun

The Things We Own

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Earlier today Bank of America agreed to pay a 17 Billion dollar settlement for mortgage fraud. Bank of America, among may other financial institutions, knowingly gave out loans to people that they knew were going to fail. This gross misleading of the American people led us into the most recent financial crisis.

You know what they should have gotten? Prison time. Hard, federal-pound-me-in-the-ass, prison time. Imagine if anyone else stole that kind of money from people. The reason they didn’t is up for debate. I’d wager it has a lot to do with the “Too Big To Fail” mantra they threw around. They weren’t too big to fail, they were too big to let fail. The US government needs these banks to keep preaching the idea that we all need credit to survive. If the Banks can’t give out loans, who is gonna give people money to buy all the shit they don’t need?

Bank of America got off with a warning and everyone went on with their lives. The people watched as their homes were taken and some big-wig, dickbag, capitalist, laughed his way to the resort.

Protests erupted nationwide but nothing happened. Protests don’t work for anything other than drawing media attention to an issue. Once the media arrives it’s only a matter of time until the people make an ass out of themselves and the country and the media move on. I didn’t go to any protests for Occupy. I cheered from the sidelines. I supported it, but I knew that a bunch of half-assed revolutionaries camping in a park wasn’t going to do anything, so I took it a step further.

I got a credit card from BOA. I ran it to the maximum, then never payed a dime on it. I know the Federal Government eventually has to pay that off. I did it anyways. The Government should have to cover that debt for letting the banksters of this country buy their way into our political process.

People used to tell me, “You’re the reason my rates are so high,” and I used to feel bad. A little bad. Then I learned something. The reason your rates are high is because they can do whatever they want. They have all the batteries and you want all the toys. It’s fake money. It doesn’t exist. It’s a system that is governed by 1 simple rule, ” Fuck you, I set the rules, and you play the game whether you really want to or not.”

This country markets consumerism better than ever before in the history of humanity. They want you to see shiny things and lifestyles greater than your own. They want you to want things. They know that you’ll have to use their money to get them. That’s the best part.

You’re playing with house money and the casino always wins. Interest is killing you and your credit score isn’t even based on your ability to pay the whole debt. Your rating is reflective of your ability to make small, life-long payments. Forever.

The banks don’t want you to pay these debts off. They want the interest. Banks know that when you default on your payments, they get to keep the interest, and the government gives them a tax write off to compensate the losses. You know what you get? Nothing. You get your precious toys taken away because they aren’t really yours. It isn’t your money. It isn’t your property.

The only thing you own is your meat. You own your mind. You own your thoughts and you own your body. The rest of it is on lease and as soon as you don’t play by the rules, they take it away. Ownership, just like rights, are defined by the fact that they can not be taken away. Anything that can be taken away is a privilege.

You know what I say? Fuck them. Grow your own food. Buy things with cash only. It has been hammered into our heads that the things we own define us. That we need “things” to be happy. They don’t. We don’t.

What we do defines us. You can keep your nice new cars and your half-million dollar houses. I’ll keep my feet on the ground. It’s all gonna get taken away from you one day. When it does, I won’t be laughing at you, but I won’t be kissing your forehead either.

Robin Willams’ 90 minutes HBO stand up special ‘Weapons of Self Destruction’ – He was a comic before he was an actor and his comedy is what launched his long and diverse career. He started with dick jokes and ended up as Peter Pan. “You’re doing it Peter, you’re flying.”

Robin Williams’ Weapons of Self Destruction

Having talent in the world of storytelling is important and can’t be downplayed. That’s what got me to start writing in the first place. You soon learn that talent isn’t what creates amazing stories. There is more to creating a believable world, character, and a deep emotional response than talking about something you experienced. The people who read your stories don’t know you. They don’t know what you were feeling. You need recreate the scenarios that led to those feelings and let the reader feel it for themselves.

Here is a list of sites I’ve found that can help you better hone your craft. The most important post in my 4 post series of sites I’ve found through This list has all sorts of good reminders included, as well as some legitimate websites and software that can take you from a B player in the writing world to a professional.

Tools to Improve Your Craft

the 3rd of 4 lists I’ve compiled via, this list is focused on creating believable 3-D characters. You’ll find tips for making character bibles, useful advice on what to avoid, and more. This list is definitely worth checking out if you want to learn how to develop character before you begin writing.

Character’s made easy… er

Another list of things I’ve stumbled upon over the years. This list is geared towards inspirational quotes from famous authors that can jump start your creative mojo.  If inspiration isn’t what you seek, this list also includes simple exercises you can do to break through the wall. The general rule is to push out content everyday and I hope this list can help you in that regard. The last aspect of this list is great general advice on starting that novel you’ve been wanting to write. The hardest part is typing the first word.

Writer’s block, Smiter’s block